Thursday, August 7, 2008

Can Retirement be Sexy?

Why are there no celebrity retirees? This has been bugging me for a while. Why is there no Paris Hilton of the retiree set? Some beautiful person who is the trendsetter for the leisure class; a superstar retiree in the vein of Barack Obama, Madonna or Sting. A person chased by the paparazzi for being such a cool retiree. Why couldn't it be so? Most retirees aren't decrepit old folks. On the contrary, retirees are active, aren't they? Don't all the ads on TV for retirement products show retirees being active doing things like surfing, sailing, cycling, rock climbing, or playing tennis?

Where would we find such a retiree superstar? Perhaps from the ranks of personal finance advisors. How about Scott Burns, the syndicated columnist who has been giving us some great retirement advice for years? Nope, Scott is something like 67 years old, by my count, and is still working! Makes you wonder about his retirement advice, doesn't it? I mean if he is so great at planning for retirement, how come he's not retired?

Then there is
Ben Stein. He's great right? I love Mr. Stein's dry humor and common sense. But he's in his 60's too. If his advice the cat's meow shouldn't he be retired? Or is he just another one of those "do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do" people?

How about Suze Orman? According to her website she is an "internationally acclaimed personal finance expert" (nothing like a little modesty). Could she be the retirement superstar we're looking for? Nope, she's "only" 57 and still working. And frankly, we probably don't want her anyway. Do we really want a retiree superstar who nags you? You have your mother for that.

So I'll put it to a vote. Send your vote for the retiree superstar to: I'll keep a tally of the votes and let you know the results.